verantwortlich: Sarah Pullich

Nagamakido - Way of the long sword
Nagamakido is a very young Martial Art, that teaches fighting, controlling and locking techniques. We will learn the usage of Katana and also the usage of a Sword with a longer handle (Nagamaki). Nagamakidos' goal is to learn easy and efficient techniques to defend yourself in combat also against multiple attackers. It shows easy ways to get out of different kinds of attacks as locks, grabs, hugs, holds, weapon attacks, chokes and also kicks. Nagamakido also teaches pressure points that can be attacked and gives you an idea of how to use your opponent's body to your own advantage. The use of the Katana/Nagamaki and training of sword techniques is a major part of the training.

Requirements: No health issues

Please bring: Sportwear

Für Beschäftigte: Beim Hochschulsport entsteht ein geldwerter Vorteil.

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414001KleveDo18:00-19:30Kampfsportraum 23.04.-19.07.Simon Stockhorst
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