Homecoming Cup
verantwortlich: Sarah Pullich

Starting at 14:00 on Friday the 27th of September, teams of students and staff will face off in a one-of-kind made-in-Kleve relay race around the campus. This thing is BIG. Actually, not just BIG, but HUGE. And you are going to have a blast participating!

Here?s the scoop:

Each team consists of five people and of at least one person of the opposite sex: 2 canoeists, 1 runner, 1 runner for the obstacle course and 1 cyclist. At least one team member will need to be a REALLY STRONG person (or failing that, a TALL one). There are four teams in each heat, and here?s what they have to do:

Starting on the canal in front of building 4, the canoeists fly off their mark and paddle down the canal to the drawbridge (that?s about 50m ? no BIGgie, right? You?ve done the Swan-Race ? how hard can it be, especially when you don?t have to build your own boat?) As they pass under the bridge, they stash their team?s baton in a bucket hanging from the bridge, then paddle to the ladder on the left side and get out of the canoe.

The runner hauls up the bucket, grabs the baton, and races off in front of the Audimax, up along the canal to the railway bridge and across that. The obstacle runner (who is waiting by the alligator ? you know where that is) takes the baton, and runs through the Parcours ? crossing a balance beam, crawling underneath a net, jumping a gymnastic horse, doing ?wind sprints? transporting tennis balls in between buckets going back and forth - No BIG thing ? anyone can run, right?).

Next to Building 10, the baton gets handed to the cyclist who rides an old school bike towards the mensa, passing by behind the building to return riding back close to the spoy canal towards the wall, that will be placed close to building 10. There the other team members are waiting.

The final element of the course is where it gets BIG, no HUGE, man. Remember the Really Strong Person? This is your team?s anchorperson. Calm before the storm person. Brick in the Wall person.

(Queue the Pink Floyd music...)

This person leads your STORM THE WALL!

THE WALL is a pair of 3.65m high by 4m wide obstacles in your path (do the math, you?ll see that?s REALLY BIG), and all five of you have to get over one of them, (with your baton, obviously). Two people are allowed to climb the back of THE WALL to start, and generally two people will stand at the bottom of it to boost the fifth person up into the arms of the folks who climbed the back. Once the first person is up, then one of the climbers scrambles back down the back and runs to the front to climb or boost. And so on. When all have topped THE WALL, then the team scrambles with their baton to the finish line.

Then if you win your heat, you get to do it all again, until there is ONLY ONE Champion Team left. The winners get to have the most fun, receive the loudest applause and get their names on the HOMECOMING CUP trophy, which they can have displayed in their Faculty until the a challenger takes them on next year. (Oh and there?s some REALLY COOL prizes too!)

Any team of five students or staff can take part. The Freshers will be looking to make a name for themselves, so all you Homecomers, here?s your chance to show them how it?s done. Come join the fun ? to race or to cheer. Registration is possible at:

PS: There will be a mandatory training session on Friday morning for all teams, starting at 09:00. You miss that, and you won?t be racing, no matter how many times you?ve done this before.

In the Foyer of Building 08, next to 08 EG 005