Ecstatic Dance
verantwortlich: Sarah Pullich

Ecstatic Dance

If you are new to Ecstatic Dance, you might wonder what exactly is?

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of joy. the effects of ecstatic dance begin with joy itself, which may be experienced in differing degrees. dancers are described as feeling connected to their own emotions. the dance serves as a form of meditation, helping people to cope with stress and to attain serenity.

In the ancient and widespread practice of shamanism, ecstatic dance and rhythmic ddrumming are used to alter consciousness in spiritual practices

?Our bodies instinctively know what feels good or bad, right or wrong. However, often our heads get in the way. Ecstatic Dance is about finding our way through to what feels good. How can we use dance to consciously transform towards finding joy, without denying our anger or sadness? Ask yourself: what?s my body feeling in this moment? Does it feel good moving this way, or that? Does it feel nourishing to dance with another, or dance solo? Where do I most feel connected with Self? Let your body lead the way.?

~ Abigail Harris

What to expect:

  1. Next-level, conscious, inspiring electronic dance music.
  2. A beautiful, sacred, heartfull and fun dance journey .
  3. A safe space for you to dance freely in .
  4. People who love to dance and love music.